Print queue not working?

I just updated to 0.93.0 and my print queue is acting a little different.

If I have something printing and I send another file to the print queue it works as expected. However if I have a file in the queue and nothing printing, sending an additional file to the queue results in that file being printed immediately.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended or simply a new setting I’m missing.


  • How do you send it? There is now an option to autostart uploaded files to printqueue if no print is running. Might be bug or a setting. Especially the new Repetier-Server Monitor knows the flag. Normal gui should behave the same as before.
  • Ok did some more tests. Uploading to direct print does not start while starting a print in stored g-codes does start it. I have changed it back to old behaviour for that case. Should be consistent.
  • I think you should contact the support team for help, they can solve your issue immediately.
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