Windows 10 Multiple webcams

Running server on windows 10 and everything is working well. I would like to add a webcam to each of the 2 printers controlled by server. Looking at the help, there are some weird webcam software packages, 1 doesn’t display anything and the other seems to only support 1 webcam. I am thinking I could probably somehow use ffmpeg but unsure the correct black magic to make that work.

The other option is to run each printer with a dedicated raspberry pi, which seems to have webcam support out of the box.


  • For webcam you need a software supporting MJPG and JPG over TCP/IP. Any software supporting this will do. Also many surveillance webcams use this out of the box. ffmpeg was able to do that, but I think I read that recent versions dropped support.

    On linux there is the software mjpeg_streamer which does that very good and that is preconfigured on our pi image, but works also on any linux computer. Our docs contain compiling instructions.
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