Sequential printing issue

I'm having issues with sequential printing, G-code created with S3D, the problem I'm facing is repetier server loosing connection/rebooting when moved from first part to second and should start printing, sometimes it has managed to print the second and reboots at third, at first I thought the problem was in the printer,but creating a G-code that prints all 9 parts at once gives no issues, just double the print time due to a lot of movements between parts.
So my question is would someone be able to give advice on how to debug this scenario, to find the settings to change so it would not reboot, because I'm sure there is now something I have missed and can't find.

Here are attached both G-codes and a communication log but the log just ends where to reboot happens
Sequential G-code

All at once



  • Log stops here

    G1 X110.592 Y138.873 E0.0413
    G1 X110.354 Y139.111 E0.0497
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 E-3.2000 F3600
    ; process Process2
    ; layer 150, Z = 0.200
    M106 S0
    ; feature skirt
    ; tool H0.200 W0.550
    G1 Z18.160 F1200
    G1 X177.725 Y125.602 F10800
    G1 Z0.200 F1200
    G1 E0.0000 F3600
    G92 E0.0000
    G1 X180.816 Y122.512 E0.1803 F600
    G1 X205.295 Y122.518 E1.1898
    G1 X205.513 Y122.527 E1.1988
    G1 X206.664 Y122.623 E1.2464
    G1 X206.926 Y122.658 E1.2573
    G1 X208.172 Y122.888 E1.3096
    G1 X208.440 Y122.953 E1.3210
    G1 X209.655 Y123.312 E1.3732
    G1 X209.905 Y123.400 E1.3842
    G1 X210.991 Y123.843 E1.4325
    G1 X211.220 Y123.950 E1.4430
    G1 X212.253 Y124.493 E1.4911
    G1 X212.471 Y124.621 E1.5015
    G1 X213.452 Y125.263 E1.5499

    Nothing really special. Only fan is getting stopped with M106 but no reason to disconnect.

    But what exactly is happening. Disconnecting and rebooting server or pc are quite different problems. Also what pc are you running server on? If you use a pi I would guess on the power adapter not being a real power adapter but maybe just a usb charger.  Pi is quite sensitive here.

    You could also have a look at /var/log/syslog around the time it happens if you see any usb disconnects.
  • I'm using a pi3 b+, and the power supply is a 24v to 5v 3A step down, but you are right, it might still be the power supply as I haven't logged the voltage, and it might be just at the limit all the time, and drops in some occasions????
    Feels just weird that it happens just insequential printing and never during long prints (+100h), even if running 2 printers from 1 pi????
  • Ok, found the issue, it was the power supply, swapped out to one that puts out 5.2v 1.25A and it runs great, but without cams, plug in a camera and it draws again too much, so need to get a powered usb hub.
  • Great. Problem is that with load changes some supplies take longer to stabilize to 5V. These few ms they drop down enough to cause troubles. Especially chargers are not required to follow quickly to changes as they are chargers. Whereas a power supply is supposed to keep voltage constant even on quick load changes.
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