Can I add tool change buttons in Repetier-Host?

Hello everyone,

I have a 4-extruder printer.

I want to add tool change buttons in Repetier-Host interface which run with one click. (like image)

I can use visual studio and C#, but my coding level is beginner.

I think adding plugin is simple and easy approach.

Please, let me know.

Thank you for your attention.


  • WinForms do not make it easy to add additional widgets. Doing it where you want is very hard and needs exceptional good knowledge on how to modify existing datastructures to modify them. Nothing for beginner.

    Plugins have points where they can add them self easily. These all give you your own page left or right or a menu entry with connected modal dialog or whatever you want called there. So best what you can achieve is what is already in manual control where you can select the active extruder as well.

    Second best is add selection in menu and send commands.
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