Error occured building Repetier-Host Plugin, what should I do?

I`m a beginner level in C#.

I want to make my custom plugin for Repetier-Host.

I downloaded in this site for testing,

build using Visual Studio 2019.

But error occured like picture, but I don`t know what should I do.

Please Help me.. :)

My Repetier-Host path is "C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Repetier-Host"


  • You are missing some methods that you need to implement. Each component needs these:

            #region IHostComponent implementation

            public string ComponentName { get { return "Slicer"; } }

            public string ComponentDescription { get { return Trans.T("TAB_SLICER"); } }

            public int ComponentOrder { get { return 3000; } }

            public PreferredComponentPositions PreferredPosition { get { return PreferredComponentPositions.SIDEBAR; } }

            public Control ComponentControl { get { return this; } }

            public ThreeDView Associated3DView { get { return host.ObjectsView; } }

            public void ComponentActivated() { }

            public void ComponentDeactivated() { }


    Here you also see sample implementations that you can use.
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