Very slow slic3r configuration after Repetier upgrade due to Plate show

Hi. After upgrading Repetier, a new version of Sclic3r is installed (1.3.1), and its configuration window starts showing a tab "Plate", which fully slow down everything. Is this normal?

Is there any way to permanently disable that tab?

I had to move to 1.2.9, which at least Repetier shows a checkmark to use (or not) the Plate tab.

Thanks for any feedback.


  • No. Since it does not show the config tabs as well they have removed the option to disable the plate. But so far I did not note any slowdown when seeing the plate. At least with hardware openGL driver which you need anyway.
  • In my case it is so slow that is almost unusable. Do I need a hardware openGL driver?
  • Yes, software OpenGL is in deed slow. Also with host software OpenGL will fail sooner or later and make it slow as well. But all modern graphic cards have drivers for it.
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