ok i buy a licence but i have some questions before to proceed

1° does licence give free acces to new versions every time new version appear ?
2° in case of replacing broken down material (raspberry, computer) does i pay a new licence ?
3° i dont see clearly which side is concerned by licence : raspberry , host , front server ? where and how introduce the licence
4° may a simple basic usb camera connected to a raspberry usb port will be sufficient to get pictures ?
thanks for your help


  • 1. Will include all 1.x versions as well.
    2. You can report that and we reset license for you, so no extra cost.
    3. The repetier-server installation needs the license. So number of installations is limited to 5 not the number of views or connections to server. That is only limited by what server can handle.
    4. Yes. Your pi image already has a webcam server to detect usb webcams. Just use a webcam that supports hardware mjpg or you get massice cpu load from the stream generation. Most regular webcams from logitech, microsoft ... do that, but many very cheap webcams don't.
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