Editing Gcode just hangs and never saves

So i've tried editing the gcode for files on repetier server through the interface and clicked saves but I always get the busy timer and it never actually updates the file. Im running the latest version after checking for updates and its running on a windows machine. Any ideas what could cause this?


  • Actually I do not even understand what exactly you do. You load a file from server inside repetier-host and then use which of the 4 save buttons? Only save to server in preview tab makes sense in this context, but that is working here for me.

    Is that what you are doing or what. Please describe exactly the steps to reproduce.
  • edited November 2020
    I have same issue.
    Your assumption that it happen in repetier server is correct.

    I have gcode created by cura, then I open g-code detail, edit line, close the editor and clicked on save g-code.
    When I return to print view, I can only delete edited file and row has icon of loading file.

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