Connection Cura to repetier Server pro


i try to connect cura 4.3.0 Version to repetier Server pro 0.92.3 using the repetier server plugin.
the button "open in browser" works --> it opens the relevant printer webpage of "Drucker_Nr1. but the "verbinden" button is not pressable..

i allready checked the global.cfg naming..

What else here could be wrong?

The connection repetier host  to printer with connection type repetier server works..


  • We did not write that plugin, so I can not really say what is wrong. Maybe you should open an issue on the projects github page to ask the author. If open in browser works it seems you entered the correct and expected connection data.

    Since you have pro server version you can alternative use our Repetier-Server Monitor to upload files. If running it watches a folder you define for new files. Actually every group and printer has own folders. So just saving to the right server uploads the gcode. That is our solution for the problem which works with all slicers. It is available on our homepage in downloads.
  • I have exactly the same problem (note the error under the API field). It seems a the server does not send the correct printer name to the plug-in. When I press "get printer" the drop down list remains empty. After trying a few times a printer name appears (in my case A10M) but this is not the printer name as it is defined in "Repetier-Server" ..any idea?

  • Server has 2 printer names. The official name which also host shows and a internal slug name that is used for referencing. You see it also in the url part if you view the printer. Guess the name you see here is then the slug name which is the only guaranteed unique name.
  • I tried this earlier today as well, same problem. Seems to be a known issue with the plugin:

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    Managed to get it working. The name of the printer is super important and Cura and/or the Plugin is very sensitive about that. See the post on Github how to solve. Unfortunatelly could not set it up with Cura 4.4 as it does not offer to choose the printer name during initial setup. Cura 4.3 does. Choose your printer from the list and then scroll down to edit the name. This one need to match later within the Plugin configuration in "Instance Name"

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