modifying configiguration.h using last eerprom file

Maybe this is a silly request, idk. 

But maby its handy to have a convertion tool were u can upload your configurtion.h file and a eeprom file and then get the configuration file back with the modified values from the eeprom. if eeprom failes u can modify the settings this way. 


  • I see what you mean, but it is not so easy. For the config tool that might be doable but would be a lot of work and will most likely not reliably work with all epr files. We can not rely on position as these can change so we need to use descriptions, so any change of modifications make that value fail to detect. But apart from this it is possible.
    I keep the idea in case I have enough time, but at the moment there are more urgent things to implement.
  • no rush, thanks for the reply
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