Extruder not extruding filament

Just got repetier on the davinci  2.0 duo, when i send the gcode to the printer it will run but not extrude. There are E0 codes in the gcode, am i missing something else?


  • Make sure dry run is disabled. Make sure extruder is hot. Check if steps per mm in eeprom is set correct. Check if extrusion mode is matching slicers output, relative or absolute. Normally slicer will make it correct if you do not override it.
    That are the normal reasons to not extrude.
  • Thank you, I will check all this, I'm kinda new to this so hopefully I can find all these settings. Thanks again
  • I am encountering the same issue - just loaded Repetier onto a da vinci duo and no filament is coming out of the extruder.  Can manually get filament when using the load function from the menu, but not when trying to actually print.  What did you do to resolve your issue?
  • Did you enable heater first? If temperature is below a set temperature it will not extrude.
  • Has anybody here managed to get the extruder working i am now in the same boat.

    Can manually extrude but not when i send a print to the printer 

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. 

    Dry Run - Disabled
    Heaters always preheated 
    Bed heated 
  • Make sure you send the M code for absolute/relative extrusion according to slicer settings. Especially if slicer is in relative mode and you have activated absolute extrusion there will be nearly no extrusion.

    As a test if extrusion is working at all heat up to temperature and send
    G92 E0
    G1 E10 F600

    That extrudes 10mm equivalent of filament regradless of mode. Then you know motor is working as well and it is mode problem.
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