Dual extruder, can't slice with second only?

Hi forumites!

I've setup my printer in Repetier-Host with 2 extruders and chose "Printer has a Mixing Extruder (one nozzel for all colors). On the primary extruder I defined white PLA, and on the secondary extruder, I defined Red PLA. I then drop a STL file on the 3D view and select it to be printed with the second extruder (Red PLA). I configured CuraEngine, but found no real settings to setup the dual extruders, but I do define the filament to use. On the slicer tab there's only one extruder listed under "Filament Settings". When I slice the model the print preview shows my model in white (first extruder), as well as the length of White PLA it will use. When I proceed to print the model, it indeed prints in white.

Is there any way to let it print in red then? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • No, with CuraEngine in Host you need to use the first extruder as well to also use the second extruder. So either switch colors or add a tiny object for first extruder or use slic3r/PrusaSlicer instead where that is no problem.
  • Thanks for you reply, I didn't know this. Problem I have with other slicers are that they seem to not work well with my printer. They sometimes don't even switch on the hotend before printing, and I gave up trying to figure out why. I'll give the PrusaSlicer a go, maybe I'll have better luck with it.
  • I work very successfully with PrusaSlicer. If you only use one extruder they might not add any Tx switches and print on the active extruder. Then all you need to do is select that extruder at start.
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