M114 do not work

I'm using Marlin, I have homing at middle of bed, after homing firmware tells Server where he is by M114, but server do not update position. Is there special string template for update position? How server normally get it from firmware?


  • Server does not get it from server. In printer setup in server you can define the homing coordinates it should assume. Entering the coordinates there makes them match after homing.
  • So it doesn't make sense. The idea of M114 is to give host information about position. Is there any problem with implementation of that into server?
  • Delay is the problem. M114 can not be trusted during printing. When the coordinates reach the server they are normally already invalid due to following moves buffered/send. Only if there were no commands after M114 we could trust that. And since we have our own book keeping for positions it is safer to ignore all M114 responses then trying if we can trust it or not.
  • There is a hidden feature in Marlin called #define M114_REALTIME which gives the position in real-time - you'd need to use M114 R
    If M114 isn't reporting anything at all during printing then check that your SERIAL_PORT is set correctly.
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