Connecting all kinds of 3D printers using repetier server and host

I have a mixture of Ultimakers, Anycubics, Prima 3d mini and a single Kossel printer.  These are in different rooms and most have computers attached already.

They all seem to work with Repetier host.  Now to save the effort of setting each one up to directly work with server (Ultimaker 3 isnt going to be easy as the print process is not a matter of just squirting Gcode)  can I just ask the Repetier server to automate operating the Host?    Is there an easy way to do this.

So thats,  

a) majority of printers (Prima 3ds and Ultimakers) already attached to a PC and networked on the same net, these already work well with the host
b) 8 Anycubics directly attached to the PC with the server on it.
c) lazy person does not want the hell of trying to make variety of 3d printers work with server directly (some people like to tinker, I'd rather climb up proper mountains)

I use your system everyday with the anycubic farm and it works great.  The only recommendation is that people use a power UPS with both the server and printers, cheap ones are fine.




  • Not sure what you try here. Server doe snot know anything about host. Host just has a connector to use the server API instead of that you use the web gui. So host can connect to anything locally connected and to any printer that is connected with repetier-server. But you can not connect server to host to use that printer. Servers can only handle locally connected printers anyway.

    If you need a gui that handles all servers in one interface try Repetier-Server Monitor. 
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