printer doesnt print when i sent orders through repetier

i have loaded the file, and see the object no problem, and ultimaker looks like connected to repetier, but when i hit the print botton, nothing happens, but the time on the repetier counting, and saying its printing. what's the problem i wonder....


  • i used TCP/IP connection, with IP and port (80).
  • Do you get any answers? In log I only see what you send but no answers.

    Can you open ip in browser? If you get a webpage port 80 is not the correct one. 80 is normally for webpages and not for serial communication.
  • i connect ultimaker with my laptop with an internet cable, and i found the IP address for the printer from the printer settings: system-network-connection status. 

    do you know how to find the port number for my printer?
  • You can run a tool nmap on it testing which ports exist. Normally it is the telnet port 23 but having no ultimake I can not say if they have it there or if they support that method at all.
    Does the printer also have a usb port to connect to like most printers have or have they removed it completely?
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