repetier-communication timeout reset and buffer block

i managed to connect my ultimaker 3 with repetier host with IP and port number 80. but it keeps disconnected every minutes. and the printer doesnt repond when i send command. seems connection problem. i dont know what to do. 


  • I have the same problem and cant stop this from happen, I have tried many suggestion from the forums. I don't think their is any fixes for this, very disappointing.
  • You need to log and read full log for errors. Then you see why it happens. If it is communication errors, e.g. "ok" being received as "o" or "k" which happens for some more frequent then it should you should try different baud rates or usb cables. 115200 instead of 250000 and vice versa.

    If your buffer is smaller then you have set in connection data you will also get such errors regularly.
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