can you connect repetier host to Cura 4.2.1?

can you connect repetier host to Cura 4.2.1? i am trying to connect these two so i can edit g-code and control 3D printing process instently. 


  • If they have a 1:1 forwarding port it might work. The server can connect to a TCP port and communicate over this the same as with serial console. From their page I see these ports get used:
    • 5353: Discovery
    • 80: Printer control
    • 8080: Camera feed
    Not sure which would be used e.g. by cura or if they have a special ultimaker only solution. Would just try all 3 with your printers ip and see if one manages to connect. I guess 80 will be some web interface to control so I'd bet on 5353 also discovery might be anything.

    Where did you find port port 9066?

    You can not connect to cura software it self. If anything works then you can connect to the printer using the right port.
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