Response to event

I have sounds playing on Print Finished and other events.

But how do I make a sound play on a msg like "MMU not responding"?



  • That is just a firmware message not triggering any scriptable events. So it is complicated and would require programming skills. You can create own events in printer config based on server responses. But it still does not trigger any scripts. So you would need a lua extension that listens for this special event and executes your sound script. Not sure if that is within your skills.

    Thinking about it I will add a script to these advanced events. There might be more such special cases where it might be useful to execute some operations on special messages. Then you can add an @execute in that script. I'm just at the edge of creating next update anyway to fix some minor but a bit annoying issues.
  • Hi mate
    Well you got that in one, way out of my skill level :-(
  • But today I publish the update where it is solveable as gcode script:-) In gcodes->advanced you can then set the rule and script to run when rule is met.
  • Your the Man ;-)

    Have you updated the manual with an example yet, I can't see an example.
  • No did not have update.

    Rule is just a regular expression that must match the firmware response. If it is seen it will execute the script below. Use

    to test your expression. From what I see all you need is
    ^MM not responding

    ^ means line must start with the text for better speedup.
  • edited September 2019
    I can't get any new advanced Gcodes to save.
    I had 2 saved a while ago, which never worked, and after updating to 0.92.3 I was able to del 1 but can't save any new ones.
  • Will have a look at it. But it looks like your browser is using a cached version of the old interface. The script field is missing here.
  • I deleted the last event, and shutdown/restart RPI then I logged in from my wifes PC that has never logged into repetier server before and still get same menu.
  • Ok have an idea what it might be. Will test it. 
  • Ok, mein Fehler. Hab die Änderung der Webseite nicht eingecheckt. Kommt also mit dem nächsten update.
  • no worries mate, looking forward to it
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