Afeter 30 mins printing temp of bed set to 0

Afeter 30 mins printing temp of bed set to 0. In gcode i has no see it.
The gcode:


  • I enable logs of printing and it has gone now.
  • So it is not in gcode we send. Might be that it comes from some protection tests in firmware. If it happens frequently keep logging enabled so you can check the logs afterwards and see if there are any messages from firmware.
  • Hi! Now i has log for the problem! The T extruder set to 0 after first layer.
    gcode is ok:

  • Sorry, i check the gocde. The error in the gcode.
  • Line 6880
    M104 S24

    ok it's 24°C but that is nearly off as it is room temperature. If it is exactly after first level you only have set first level temperature for filament but not regular temperature or regular temp is 24°C.
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