Webcams on a Raspberry Pi / Server-Crash (Microsoft Livecam Studio 1425)

Hey Guys,
I'm using the server on a RPI 3 for quite while.
Recently I had connected a Microsoft 720 Live-Cam, a HP 1080p cam and now, for my second printer, an Artillery Sidewinder X1 one more.
The setup with the two previously mentioned cams (MS 720p and HP 1080p) was perfectly fine and stable.
But after I added the Microsoft Livecam Studio 1425, it showed up in Repetier and could be used. 
(BTW: Best picture of them all!) 

But what happened then, during printing, with only of the printers and all 3 cams connected, the server crashed, causing a non-reactive touchscreen (HDMI, 7") and the IP not being reachable by browser.

So without any doubt of the cam, I just restarted by pulling the USB from the RPI and re-started the prints (from 0, they where failed). About one hour (or maybe a lot less?!), the whole thing hung up again, this time for both printers.
Also this time, the second printer (Anycubic i3) was in use too.

After I pulled the camera, the system is stable again since ~18h for now.

So what is the problem? I have no idea, frankly speaking. The Pi is connected to a ACTIVE (powered) USB 3.0 hub, to which printers and most cameras connect. The Pi only connects additionally to the touchscreen via direct USB connection. There should be plenty of power available.

So any help? I don't want to miss out the MS-Lifecam with 1080p.



  • Do the webcams lag in motion when you use web view? From the names I see all are more or less HD capable and if you use them in high resolution they can use quite a lot of bandwidth which can have negative side effects if the pi 3 limit is reached.

    If it is a power problem your printers would disconnect and print get interrupted. At least if linux does not crash from under power so bandwidth is more likely here.

    Also webcams should support mjpg streams or cpu load would be very high. Login with ssh and run "top" to see cpu and memory usage.
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