keeps cutting model

edited September 2019 in Repetier-Server
when i set up my repetier server, i made sure to set the correct parameters for my 3d printer's build area. there is a model that i'm trying to print that is within the parameters but it keeps claiming that its not and when i click print anyway, half of the model is gone


  • Select 2d view and see what xy dimensions the print has. Make sure in printer configuration BOTH bed and xy max motion area are bigger then that. WIth deltas often xmin/ymin is 0 but should be -radius.
  • thanks but the print is not the problem, its the server. the print size is within the xy max but the server just claims that its too big for the printer
  • Im talking about the server! You have told the server that the size is not ok in it's settings. Tell server in printer configuration in Manual Control AND bed shape definition how much space you have. Until you tell him wrong sizes there it will claim you are outside even if you aren't. 
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