Can't connect to version 0.86.2 from current Windows host


   I'm attempting to connect using the same interface that I use for the web (?) not sure if that is right, as the default wasn't 3344 for the port but some other 87xx or something (what it shows in one of the printer setup pages, but the other one shows the web interface port)..

    It always disconnects instantly with a 400 Bad request.

    Do I need to update my Raspberry Pi Server install?


  • The 88xx was too deep and for TCP/IP connection. You want to follow  especially step 2. It opens when you click on the bar.

    Select Repetier-Server Connector, enter ip and 3344 as port and of course the API-Key of the server. That is all needed.

    Server Update is not required but generally a good idea.
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