Repair option

I'm using repetier host on 2 different computers... Both are running the same version of the software but one will allow me to repair a stl that's not manifold and the other will not... The first is running on a 32bit Windows 10 system and the later is 64bit Windows 7... How can I get the one on my windows 7 computer to repair files?


  • as far as I´m informed it depends on windows , windows7 doesn´t support that feature.
  • afaik, windows 10 has mesh tools built in, so maybe it is using that.
    slic3r on windows 7 RH has a repair option in the file menu.

  • Exactly. We use the build in repair function of windows 10. So windows 10 is the required OS for that function. There is a web service you can use with windows 7, but it is not as comfortable. You need to upload stl and download repaired file.
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