Share G-code commands between printers

It would be very useful to be able to share G-code commands between printers. If not, maybe a way to export and upload these to the printers? I'm running a lot of machines and when I make a change or addition, it's prohibitively time consuming to have to add it to every machine.

In this vain, it would be great to be able to have shared temperature profiles as well.


  • That is not so easy. Each printer can be potentially different so each has it's own settings and we do not know which one are different and which not. So design was not made for this function. Also the other identical might be on a different server install making it impossible to automatically sync. And using same config is also no option since at least the port differs. All I might think of is a replace with config button so you can upload a new config that replaces the old one except some settings you can select in the process (connection, webcam). That way it is at least not that slow. Might also be nice if vendors create updated settings so you can import without loosing all g-codes.
  • I'm thinking a simple XML or CSV file export / import function for codes. That way it's not automatically synced, and there's no chance that a user "accidentally" uses codes designed for one machine on another. This could be done for heating and fan profiles, as well as commands.
  • Just as I said. Export is already available in home screen. Only import would be missing and there you check what to take. By default communication settings and webcam would be disabled. All the rest is printer configuration and extra data.
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