LCD panel not working when repetier server and klipper are running

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Hi everyone,

I am using repetier server with klipper firmware on my delta printer. Printer is detected, touchscreen is working fine but the lcd panel on my printer is no more responding.

Standard info are displayed and refreshed when printing for example but I am unable to use the button and navigate in the menu.

Please let me know how to fix it.



  • We have no control over that display. All we do is send status informations with M117 which you see in the bottom line. Does the menu work without server being connected (disable printer in server gui) and restart klipper. Otherwise maybe klipper has no menu at all. Not sure about that as my klipper board has no display at all.
  • Without the server being connected, Klipper will not work. When I boot with my second SD where octoprint is installed, the menu is working perfectly. I have had to install tty0tty on repetie and select /dev/pts/1 port to get the printer connected. tmp/printer does not work
  • The /tmp/printer issue with buster is known. See for possible solutions. tty0tty is not required.

    Regarding menu I'm not sure. As said we do not control lcd menus for any firmware, that should happen always from the firmware klipper in this case. We should not be able to interfere there at all.

    But please also consider that sending not gcode to klipper requires # as first char to tell server to send the line 1:1.
  • Hi, I confirm that Repetier-server is working now and I managed to install the printer with port /dev/pts/1.

    However, I am still having the stock LCD panel navigation issues. When I install octoprint, I have no issues at all and I cannot home printer with the LCD character panel or do anything
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