Backslashes in Startscript

Hey there,

When I use the @execute command in start script in slic3r (repetier host) then the settings aren't saved with backslashes.
So Slic3r generate the gcode with the command but without backslash. So the command won't be execute in Windows.
When I copy the command into the gcode in gcode editor the command is working because the backslashes are there


@execute C:\Users\Marcus\Desktop\anyscript.bat
When I copy it manually in the gcode then it work

When Slic3r generate the gcode with start script then it looks like this (without backslashes)

@execute C:UsersMarcusDesktopanyscript.bat

How can I tell Slic3r to you the right symbol?

Thank you


  • Normally you need then to escape the backlash by prepending an addditional backlash so \\ becomes \ afterwards. Alternatively just use / which works in windows as well.
  • Thank you.
    escaping don't work (or don't work for me) but / work.

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    I'm having the same problem when trying to use the @execute command in my custom start and end g-code to trigger custom local executables, and the above solutions don't work for me. The double backslashes disappear just like single backslashes, and the forward slash does not execute the file I specify in the code (using Windows 10). I also tried single and double quotes around the file directory, but that didn't work either.

    Any other solutions for this issue? I didn't have this issue previously with older versions of Slic3r (v1.2.1 or lower), but with 1.2.2 and up this started occurring...and I would really like to be able to use the newer versions.

    Thank you in advance,
  • Are they in the slic3r start/end script? We have no influence about how slic3r handles them - just escape it as slic3r needs them.

    Alternativlely you could add them to hosts start/end script. There no escaping is required.

    Using / instead of \ on windows is normally no problem.
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