Is it possible to see printers from more then 1 server in one browser window?


I've put Repetier server on 2 Raspberry Pi's 3 and I want to see both of them, their printers and to manage the jobs and renders in one windows. Is that possible? I see that there is a network part on the screen underneath the printers that are connected.


  • Same window will require Repetier-Server Monitor a stand alone desktop app that can monitor multiple server instances. Planned release is somewhere next week. It is free for all Pro users. 
  • I'm trying out Repetier-Server to use with my printers.  Each have their own Raspberry Pi.  I assume that the Repetier-Server Monitor will be required?  If so, will it be available to test as well?  Thanks
  • I should have mentioned, that each of the printers is running klipper on its respective Raspberry Pi.
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