Marlin 1.1.9 EEPROM and mac os x

edited September 2019 in Mac
When you try to read eeprom, a blank window opens. What needs to be done specifically so that the parameters are displayed in the window?


  • Everything works on windows 10, but on mac os x the program for some reason sends the M205 command instead of the M503, as the windows version does.
  • Mac version only supports repetier-firmware style eeprom handling. Use our repetier-server to change eeprom on mac.
  • This is very disappointing. I use the hackintosh system and after using Windows and Linux for a long time, I find it the most pleasant and convenient. Are you planning to add eeprom reading support to the window? Can you suggest mac os users to collect some amount to upgrade the application to the latest version? In that case, I would be ready to donate money.
  • Mac version is a completely different software and has not enough users to implement all features of windows version. That is why we replace it with repetier-server which has same base for all os so mac will have always same version as windows/linux for that product.
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