I updated the Server and the firmware and now i cant get full connection

I run a delta printer with a RADDS/Due connected to a Pi running Repetier Server Pro. After i updated the server on the Pi all was good, i could connect to the printer through the web browser, move it and see all the epprom and parameters. I then upgraded the firmware on the Due and now im having issues. When i created the new firmware in the online configurator I used the config file of an old working firmware as the base. 

I only get a yellow/amber status on my printer in the Server web control. I am able to see the feed of the webcam but i am not able to move the axis, print, read/see the eeprom settings etc. I know when i had only updated the Pi server i could see a Eeprom settings icon on my touchscreen, but now i cant since ive flashed the Due. Ive done a bunch of reading but im out of ideas. I added the Arduino Due boards to Arduino, and used the Due and Due for Repetier boards to compile new firmware with the same results. 

I realise its a case that the pi cant read any of the parameters from the Due, but ive checked ports, baud rates etc and all seems correct. I can connect to the printer in Repeteir Host but not send any commands or move it etc. 

Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance.



  • I think in host you also can not connect. Host shows connect just because you opened the port successfully. That is the same as orange in server. Server goes only to green when it receives a response it can read.

    What might have happened is that baud rate in firmware changed to what is in your configuration or it has a different one in eeprom. So try that as well. If in doubt change eeprom mode in configuration so eeprom gets reinitialized.

    Also nice way to get into trouble sis to use the wrong serial connector a sit has 2 and you most likely have only configured one of them to work. So using the wrong one will also fail to connect.
  • Thanks for your suggestion. I've got it working now. I had to connect the due directly to the commputer and flash through Arduino. I doubled checked all the settings matched and had success. I do still find that ive reflashed a couple of times to change motor directions etc and sometimes when i reboot i cant read/access the eeprom anymore. I then have to flash with eeprom disabled, then flash again with it set to mode 1 to get it all working again. 
  • Strange thing with eeprom. Normally you can switch mode between 1 and 2 to force reinit of eeprom. Should only be required when you switch from other software using eeprom causing same checksum.

    One known problem of some china arduino dues is that they do not start on first power up. Hitting reset button makes it work again. Reason is bad start timing due to wrong capacitor as far as I know.
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