Orangepi and repetier server

Good day 
I stumbled upon Repetier server by accident when trying to set-up another 3d printing server on my orangepi.
It has been very difficult finding resources in which to help, however I have learnt how to use putty and FileZilla to SSH and share files to install repetier server. The last few days I had a working repetier server on my orangepi talking to my Ender 3 pro. The prints were incredible. 
Unfortunately turning everything off for the night and then restarting in following evening resulted in a broken chain image on the browser and even though I asked repetier to connect to the printer it wouldn't or couldn't. 
It got so bad that repetier server would not even connect on removing the Ender 3 and trying to set up from scratch. Could not find what port I'm on there is very little documentation for the orangepi and armbian. It has been most difficult but I don't want to leave repetier because I'm so very impressed with it when it did connect and print. Someone please advise


  • Since you said another 3d printer server - you must know that only one can connect at a time or it will fail. So make sure there is no other software like octoprint running the same time. If it would be that is the problem server can not connect any more.
    That is more or less the only reason a working setup stops working especially if you plug in the printer again. Just make sure the port has still the same name.
  • Octoprint is not installed, as I have never been able to set it up on the Orangepi.
    I have a preference to stay with Repetier Server but as I said, upon setting up the last time then switching off the Rep Server would not connect to my printer it just remained re, even though I clicked to activate it.
    I have put the app image of Repetier Host as I have discovered on the internet that it may be required, so trying that tonight.
    Thank you again for your impressive software and helpful advice.
  • Update: I have successfully connected repetier host to the orangepi and subsequently the ender 3. However the printer even though connected will not activate, it remains offline.
    I'm completely stumped
  • You better test only server web interface first. Host connects to server but that does not mean printer is online for usage. Ok, if you see manual control functions activated printer would be thought of by server as online as well.

    To check which software is using the port use

    fuser devicename

    It will list all pid using it. Should only be servers pid of course.

    Also have a check on /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log and check if server maybe crashes. If server crashes printing is also difficult. But you see that easily also if you open web gui. If you see "connection lost" appearing and disappering constantly it might be that something crashes it and then it gets restarted.

    Otherwise go to console and activate ack/commands and see what is going on.

    I have not enough data to say wher eit gets wrong in your case, so just some hints.

  • Thank you for your help. I'm not that sure around computers will do my best to search out those possible solution's.
    Thank you again
  • So my setup is this my desktop pc browser to Repetier server which is installed on an orangepi, ethernet cable connects both pc and orangepi to network.
    Orangepi is connected to ender 3 via USB cable.
    Settings are unknown no idea what usb port or suchlike, have just started to understand putty and FileZilla (mentioned before)

    The ender 3 is appearing offline on Linux mint and windows 10 system. All I can think is that my lack of knowledge on setting up the printer settings is the route of this.
  • > Settings are unknown no idea what usb port or suchlike, have just started to understand putty and FileZilla (mentioned before)
    Well selecting the right serial port is mandatory. Select in printer configuration one with /dev/serial/by-id normally you only have one. That id should normally never change. At least not on other linux distros I use.

  • Thank you I will look in the morning, but appreciate that tip, just out of interest.
    I saw something on the web about connecting a usb to TTL apparently that can help with serial connections is that correct, or have have I completely mis-understood?
  • Solved, thank you for your help.
    I have a start up procedure, switch on orange pi (disconnect from printer) switch on printer after orangepi has booted, reconnect orangepi to printer. Switch on main pc start Repetier server et voila.
    Thank you again for the valued assistance.
    Will be purchasing pro shortly.
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