extruder doesn't work

Hi, I am using repetier host to control my printer. I am not able to get it to heat the extruder, the heated bed works fine, and i can heat both the bed and extruder from the LCD REPRAP smart controller. i cant get repetier to control the extruder, everything else works fine and I cant even get it to heat using gcode M104 S210. i dont know why the heated bed works perfectly but not the extruder when using Repetier.


  • Make sure in host debug settings at the bottom of manual controls (expert mode) dry run is disabled. Also normally dry run also disables the bed. Also have a look into the log if firmware reports why it is not doing anything after a M104 S210 - that is the correct command and it is up the printer firmware to start heating extruder, especially if it works over lcd configuration should be correct.
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