Repetier can´t find G-Code after sliceing.

Hi guys,
I´m using the Repetier-Host 2.1.6 and after sliceing with silcr3 a message pops up and says kind of, Repetier Host can not find the G-code file.
The file gets generated and it´s in the Folder User/AppData/Local/Repetier-Host. I can copy that and Paste it into Repetier-Host. This is working but, Repetier isn´t able to load the G-Code file on it´s own. I have no idea what is causing this. I had the same problem with the older versions, too.

Can someone help me out ???


  • I only know that a message pops up if slicer did not write the file due to an error. Do you have any post processors or so configured that might block access to the file?
  • Don't know if it makes any difference, but in RH preferences, mine does not have the - in RepetierHost
  • I´m just using a common Windows PC. Using Win10. The funny thing is that it worked before and since a month I have this problem. After sliceing the file gets created but Repetier is unable to find it. I have to go to it´s folder to copy/paste the code into Repetier.
    I don´t know but I think this software still needs many many many improvements. Who is programming this software. I want to talk to this guys to tell them what is still shitty on it. Obviously the don´t reconize that there are still a lot of things need to be done. This software isn´t finish jet.
    But they had time to change the look of it. Why can´t they stick to one design. ??? They should rather improofe the impotrant things. The template of the software isn´t important. I´m missing a propper display for how long the printer will take.This is one of the things they didn´t do propperly. I´m not happy with Repetier !!!

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