Ubuntu Mate USB Cam

So my 11 year old niece built a ToyRep (with my help) and I helped her put Ubunto Mate on her Kano with a Raspberry Pi.  We got Repetier-Server Aeolus-86 working on it piece of cake but we cannot get the webcam to work like my version of Repetier-Server Hades-98.  I notice that in the Hades-98 it uses the path for video and for images.  To get the webcam working in Ubuntu Mate I had to install and use Motion and enable it for any network, but that only got me video by using http://repetier-server:8081. ; I cannot figure out how to get the image capture to work without having it continuosly capture images until the drive is full.

Does anyone know what I can use in Ubunto Mate to mimic the webcam settings in the Hades-98 version of repetier server?


  • We do not use motion for it. On tests it used to much resources also it generally would work. If you can see it on your browser you can check the image url and enter that in server.

    What we do is using mjpg_streamer to get the mjpg streams. The software does not save anything to disk. On our images it is preinstalled with scripts automatically starting it.

    shows how to add the same configuration your self to other linux distributions.
  • Nice!  Thanks!  She'll be so thrilled.  She found an old USB cam in a pile of scraps and wanted to use it.  
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