Macos 10.9.3 , poor connection and other issues

I am new to the forum and relatively new to 3D printing.
I build a 3DRAG (same as K8200) recently and its printing ok - still working on fine tuning.
Printer runs Mariln firmware

I have a lot of connectivity and other issues with Repetier-Host Mac
I am wondering if anybody could advise

1. Generally connects fine and has printed successfully in the past

2. I can't read or set EEprom settings at all (but I can do this in MatterControl)

3. Many times when I send GCODEs manually they don't take effect at the printer - sometimes they sit in a queue, then other times they work fine.

4. RHM crashes and freezes with bigger files e.g with this file

Thank you for your time



  • 2. Supports only eeprom editor for Repetier-Firmware.

    3. Check your printer statistics if you have frequent error in communication (resend). That means always troubles and can stop communication if error occurs at wrong places.

    4. That is not a big file. What does crash report say?
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