Drag and Drop of Gcodes

Might it be posible to get a drag and drop windwow for gcode files to upload them ?
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  • Already possible. If extension is .gcode just drag it on graphic and it switches to preview and loads gcode.
  • i tried with Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi Browser. 
    When i use Drag and Drop there comes one of the 2 following situations.
    1. its not allowed to drop something there
    2. The Browser Opens the Gecode directly. 
    I tried the mainframe with temperature graph and also the upload section for gcodes.
    I use the 0.92.0 on Raspberry pi 4
  • You posted under Repetier-Host so I assumed you use the host.

    With Repetier-Server you can drag and drop on the upload buttons. These are select file buttons redesigned and dragging a file on them is the same as pressing the button and selecting the file in the file selector there. Works at least on chrome on mac and I'm quite sure that also works on other os.
  • Oh sorry for the wrong section.
    Thanks the button work also in windows :)
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