Server on Raspberry Pi 3 and Printrbot simple (wood)


I have an older printrbot simple (wood version).  I have loaded the disk image for the repetier server onto a raspberry pi 3.  I can connect to the server no problem and set it up, it appears to be connected to the printer.  From the PC I run the repetier host and select server as my connection it never truly connects, does not show the printer name in the bottom left corner only says default.  If I connect a USB cable from the PC to the printer itself effectively not using the server the printer moves and connect just fine using a serial port.

I would appreciate any help that someone could give.

Attached is the xml file with the server configuration.

Thank You.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grid color="#454545" spacing="10"/>
<rectangle color="#dddddd" xMax="70" xMin="0" yMax="90" yMin="0"/>
<xySpeed max="200">100</xySpeed>
<zSpeed max="2">2</zSpeed>
<endstops all="true" x="true" y="true" z="true"/>
<invert x="false" y="false" z="false"/>
<procedure>G28 X0 Y0</procedure>
<runOnConnect>G28 X0 Y0</runOnConnect>


  • Here is a shot of the console, could this be a baudrate issue, looks like commands are not recognized.  I had tried to manually jog the z motor

  • Do you really have repetier-firmware installed on the printbot? If not connection will not work until you set it to marlin which I think is the default  firmware also both should work.
  • Thank you, actually I just tried that, again thank you for the reply
  • The only other thing is now I have the axi moving but when I try to print i just sits there.  The part has been sliced and the log window shows below.  Under the server tab is shows the job is in the que but nothing happens?

    Any thoughts?  Do I need to start it?
  • If there is mor ethen one job in queue new files to it get queued and you need to start one of them explicitly. In host server tab you can switch between models and jobs in queue. Select queue and then the job to print and click print.

    Alternatively use web gui of server and click on print icon on the file in queue. Once all files in queue are deleted or printed new queued jobs get printed directly.
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