"Invert direction in controls" (Y axis, Wanhao i3)

the checkbox "invert direction in controls" should be selected for the Y axis when installing Repetier Host for the Wanhao Duplicator i3 (Monoprice Maker Select).
Am wondering if this is only an application thing, or if it affects the firmware also? So what I am really wondering is, from the point of view of the firmware (Repetier 0.91), does the Y axis point inwards or does it point outwards?


  • That checkbox is only to invert direction if you hit in host the y move button. Y+ means officially always extruder moves toward Y+ (be end). But if bed moves that confuses some users so inverting the direction is for them more natural. But it has no effect on firmware homing direction or where Y+ for firmware is. It just inverts the Y change send to firmware.
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