Melted peek after Repetier v1.0.4

I finally upgraded from .83 to 1.0.4 and hit the "heat extruder" in the new retro 90's looking user interface of Repetier. After 3 minutes I smelled something burning and my 3d Rostock Max printer was smoking. I quickly cut the power to the printer and noticed the peek was melted! I noticed that the extruder temp(which is the most important thing in Repetier and should be a lot bigger in font) says -10C. I have been printing things all weekend no problem on the .83 Rep Host.

Did I miss a crucial upgrade step here? What have I done wrong.

I hate the new Repetier look wtf has happened there. I do like how fast slicer changes are saved but the new UI I don't like at all.

To make things worse I don't know how to get back to .83! I've downloaded Repetier-Firmware_0.83 from the "Older versions of Repetier" but there is no installer. Please help.

I want to get back to .83 rep host. How can I do this?


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    Here is the melted peek.
  • Sound like you upgraded not only the host but also firmware.

    Firmware updates are always delicate and after a new update you should always check if everything is correctly configured. Sound like your firmware upgrade had some wrong extruder configuration which caused the problem. Good news is that from 0.92 on (work092 on github) there is a decouple test, that will prevent such fatal failures. The error is clearly the firmware not the host, so you only need to check whats wrong in your firmware configuration.
  • I only ran "setupRepetierHost_1_0_4". That was it.

    Maybe I'm not differentiating printer firmware from Repetier Host correctly. Do you know how I get back to the previous version of Repetier, the one before 1.0.4. Not even sure what it is called exactly..
  • Ok I'm running Repetier .91 firmware on the printer. I'd just like to get back to the previous version of Repetier Host.
  • There is a uninstall function in your windows software manager. At the end it asks to delete registry settings. If you answer yes, it will delete them allowing 0.,95 to work. SInce it seems a firmware issu I don't think it helps. Only the sentence "it shows -10°C" shows that the thermistor settings in 0.91 firmware is different to 0.83 settings.
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