Problem with Spiralize Contour

I have printed couple of vases with Spiralize Contour and noticed that printing is almost perfect, but there is stripe that rotates around vase from bottom to top.

First I though there was something wrong on my printer, but I noticed when closely inspected preview screen that stripe can been seen on preview also, so it must be generated by CuraEngine.

Please see pictures:

Is there something I could try?


  • Only solution I know is using Slic3r for Vases at the moment. I hope that the problem will be solved when next release come, but we are not the slicer developers. Had the same problem in Vase mode as well. First I hoped host preview had an error bit it was in the gcode :-(
  • Yes thought so too. Hopefully it will be fixed at some point. Maybe I contact directly CuraEngine, but I think this is known problem.

    This doesn't happen in all vase prints..
  • Humm... I sliced this with Slic3r and I got same stripe...

  • Ah.. it was not finnished yet and what was on screen was from previous slicing.

    There is some problems though..

  • That is ok I think. This sometimes happen with the with computation based on layer height with some short segments where you get high delta e values relative to length from rounding. At least it looks like this visual problem. 
  • I updated CuraEngine to latest 15.02.1 and problem was solved! I could not use Slic3r as exporting gcode would take forever to finish.
  • Good information. So I will update curaengine for next release.

    With slic3r disable "Avoid crossing perimeters". That is usually the parameter slowing things considerable.
  • Thank you for slic3r tip.

    It seems that new CuraEngine makes infill before perimeters and I don't like that much, but I noticed that there will be option in repetier fork of CuraEngine for that, but I don't have enough knowledge to compile CuraEngine from sources.

    Hopefully new version of the repetier host will be released soon with a new CuraEngine!
  • New curaengine has Infill before perimeter as option. New host has a setting to change that option!
  • Looks like there is still some problem with even latest CuraEngine..

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