Slic3r problem with settings

Every time i click on configuration in repetier-host to change setting, Slic3r is running configuration wizard, like for the first time. I cant even save setting or import. It shows something like this : imageimage


  • You must have changed the configuration in slicer manage rin the host. The config path I see in your message is not the default one. And because slic3r could not access the one you have given (does it exist at least?) it will restart and restart wizard I guess. We are not the programmer of slic3r so we don't know internals but I guess it is a consequence of the different config dir. Try leaving config directory empty and see if it then works. It would then use Kocus/AppData/Roaming/Slic3r
  • i didnt change anything in manager window, everything is empty. I even format my computer and this problem still exist :/ 
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