Usb constant reconnects randomly

Randomly, one or more printers start connecting,then disconnecting-despite having been running for months without issue. The only solution is reboot or delete and reinstall the printer.

Neither if these options works at this moment because I’m on a 30 hour print about 20 hours in on another printer and I don’t want to lose all my history. Has anyone seen this and know how it can be solved?


  • On which os did this happen. I have heard that when a connection fails on windows after having worked for a while it can not reconnect until restart or creating it as new printer. For next update we have rewritten it such that it does not reuse port handles when reconnecting which is then like creating new printer without need to do so as reconnect does it already. What we currently think is that the connection got some problems internally and reusing handles do not reinit them to be usable again.
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