Calibrating a Rostock Printer

I am having trouble calibrating my Rostock 3D printer. Whenever I try to use G33, the printer moves tries to go to a point in the x-y plane that it cannot reach. I realized that the issue is that I set the correction radius to be too large because when I used G33 L0 to see the distortion matrix, it lists points that my printer could not reach. 

My question is how can I extract the configuration.h file directly from my 3D printer? I do not have the most recent configuration saved anywhere. By getting the configuration.h file my hope is to edit the correction radius so that I can run the G33 command to calibrate the printer. 


  • You can not extract source config files from binaries. That is impossible.

    If you are using repetier-firmware which I think rostock printers use, you can modify all this in eeprom.

    You should disable distortion correction and first calibrate paremeter best to get it even. G33 is more to solve problems sticking to bed and normally gets reduced over height and that would mean you get the distortions back over Z except if not defined to correct 100% over z.

    Serach for escher delta calibration to get a tool computing good corrections for you.
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