Connected printer slows down mac and makes trackpad glitchy

1) I have encountered a problem with Repetier host, that while printing my computer (macbook air) starts freezing and glitching, as if it's having some kind of feedback or digital noise coming from printer. (Ramps 1.4 + arduino / delta kind of printer)
Any ideas of what may be wrong?

2) Also are there any plans on further development of mac version?


  • As long as you have filament preview enabled it is constantly updating a complex 3d graphic. Depending on set quality and mac performance this can cost cpu and memory.

    Plans for mac version are limited and in long run it will be replaced by repetier-server which is same source base for all os version, while mac host is a separate software and with limited time we can not put much time into it. It will still get bug fixes or updates to make it work on newer os or contain newer slic3r.
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