Mosaic Palette 2 and Pro

Are there any plans to have Repetier Server control Mosaic Palette 2 and Pro?


  • Currently not as I do not have one. But maybe they want to send me one to include it along with some documentation.
  • Well, let's try and get this underway ????????
  • Will try to get a sample when I have a bit more time. Maybe they are interested in increase number of users.
  • Im sure they are.

    Palette 2 looks like a way cool mmu, and the painting in canvas rules.

    I guess I've done all I can, the balls in your court :-))

    Please keep me informed.

    Good luck
  • I am also interested
  • I have chatted with Jonny at Mosaic and they are willing to work with the Repetier programmer and send them a pallette to play with, but they have to get in touch with mosaic to get things rolling.
  • Any news? I've just bought a Palette 2 and it would be amazing to use it in connected mode with Repetier Server already installed in my Raspy...
  • No. Time is preventing this at the moment. But it is something I really want to add.
  • Repetier said:
    No. Time is preventing this at the moment. But it is something I really want to add.
    ok...let's hope to have it in a brief future...
  • Is there any news regarding Palette / Repetier?
  • Sorry, lack of time prevents that at the moment. It is on todo but being a complex extension I need some time before I can start it.
  • Take your time. It was only a question.
  • I need this also. Using Repetier sever paid version and getting the 2s Pro now
  • I also would like to "push" this as much as possible.
    I'm shortly before buying the Palette and then I can not use my "Pro"-Server anymore but have to change to Octoprint.
    What a mess :-)

    Beside: Sine I bought repetier - more than one year ago the "slicer-function" is "yet to come". So at least try to get the plugin for the Palette working. I guess it might be not that hard when analyzing the octoprint-files.
  • Hi,
    I also use a Palette 2 and Repetier and as slicer Simplify3D.
    I personally also do not have an extension for the range in Repetier.
    If I can support you in any way, please let me know.

    But I know that it does not run in 5 minutes and therefore still needs some time.
  • When we get the required time we will ask them for a sample device and support.
  • I'm also interested. Running 5 printers with RS Pro since roughly 2 years and a Moasic Palette support/plugin in RS Pro would be a dream. :)
  • When do you get the time?!
    It is now 8 months ago - so how long shall it take?
    And why should they send you a device for free?

    Actually I've paid for your software, and I did it also, because you've claimed that you constantly improve the software.
    Actually all I've seen lately are more or less bugfixes!
  • Any news on Palette 2 compatibility? 
  • I just asked Moasic, this was their response:

    "Mosaic Support Team

    You can use Repetier Server if you're opting to use Accessory mode. In this way, you start the print from Palette's SD card, but then you can start the G-Code from Repetier."

    So it should work fine then as Repetier essentially is just replacing the SD card?

  • Have no masaic to verify, but that sounds correct. It does not make a difference if you start a sd print or from server. Just do not change flow rate manually, but same is also not allowed for sd card print.
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