Mosaic Palette 2 and Pro

Are there any plans to have Repetier Server control Mosaic Palette 2 and Pro?


  • Currently not as I do not have one. But maybe they want to send me one to include it along with some documentation.
  • Well, let's try and get this underway ????????
  • Will try to get a sample when I have a bit more time. Maybe they are interested in increase number of users.
  • Im sure they are.

    Palette 2 looks like a way cool mmu, and the painting in canvas rules.

    I guess I've done all I can, the balls in your court :-))

    Please keep me informed.

    Good luck
  • I am also interested
  • I have chatted with Jonny at Mosaic and they are willing to work with the Repetier programmer and send them a pallette to play with, but they have to get in touch with mosaic to get things rolling.
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