Using Repetier with two printers and CuraEngine


I have two 3D printers - an Anycubic Mega S and a M3d Promega.  The latter is much bigger and has two print heads.

I am using CuraEngine built in to Repetier Host and send the print to Repetier server on a Raspberry Pi.  Whilst I have not yet managed to connect the ProMega to the server, I still want to slice the prints in Repetier and export the Gcode.

However, it seems that Cura uses the Printer settings from Repetier and you can not configure the bed size or number of heads from within it.  

How do i cope with two very different printers in Repetier Host?  The whole point with Repetier, I thought, was to have all your printers accessible from one program?

Thanks for your help



  • I think I might have been silly - I have just seen the ‘add new printer’ option....
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