JGAurora - A5 & MKS Wifi & RepetierServer via TCP/IP

Hi !

I have a strange problem regarding the setup of my JGAurora-A5 in RepetierServer. I would like to use a TCP/IP Connection via Wifi to print, but all it does is starting to heat up. start priming, move to the printer start position - and then halt.
I assume I need to change sth in the tft-firmware (where the mks-wifi is attached) to be able to print or sth.?
BTW: when trying to do the same just with printrun (tcp/ip connection => connect), i can do pretty much any manual gcode, and it is being executed - but I dont get any reponse back from the printer in pronterface (probably unidirectional communication only, and that`s the reason for it not to work also) ?
Can anybody shed some light into this for me please?!
Thanks a bunch, Oliver


  • You should open console and enable all feedbacks to see what is going on. That is the only way to see why it stops or does nothing. e.g. if it does not respond like you said for pronterface that is a reason. Then only at timeouts new commands get send. Also make sure firmware is Marlin so it does not send commands in binary format. Hope it is a compatible firmware at least regarding communication style.

    No idea what you mean with sth or tft-firmware. Is direct TCP connection over WIFI officially supported? If display has the wifi function and sends tcp commands plus own commands that could easily cause problems.
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