MK2.5 display loses text info

When printing with repetier server the display on my MK2.5 loses all of the text on the display except the last line.  Hot end temp, heat bed temp, z position, etc..Only the bottom line of text is displayed.

I tried changing Show on Printer LCD Status Line to Do not set status but that just removes the repetier server status.  Why is the rest of the text missing during a print?

When I print from SD card all of the text is there so I am certain it's repetier server removing the text.


  • Actually all we can do is tell prusa firmware what we want in status line (M117) or print progress. There is no gcode to clear the display and not to update it. Until now this only happened once to me and that was not during printing. If that happens does the last line change with M117? And are you using the pi zero on the einsy board? In that case make sure the lcd cable has a bit distance to it and other cables. If you get cross talk to the lcd cable it might modify data and in some command states it might stop interpreting send chars.  I know this from our firmware that this then also sometimes creates garbage on lcd. Only a reinit of display will make it work again which happens when firmware resets.
  • My machine does not have an einsy board.  It's an MK2.5.  Uses the rambo mini 1.3a.  I am using a raspberry pi 3b+.

    For more testing I used my older octoprint server which is also on a raspberry pi 3b and when printing from octoprint the text stays just fine.  Since printing with SD card and printing with octoprint and the text is just fine, it leads me to believe that repetier server is causing the issue.

    For more testing purposes, is there a way to completely remove everything repetier server is showing on the LCD? I set Do not set status but it still shows the ip address on the last line.  Interestingly enough, that stays on the screen but the rest of the text is gone.  Maybe repetier server's displaying the line of text is causing the problem.  I would just rather remove it completely.  Any way to do that?
  • I read through that thread before posting my question.  I could not discern an actual solution to the problem.
  • The show on printer lcd status line disable is all you need. Ok ip will still be chown but at that moment display is still ok, right?

    That is the only command - there are some commands that show print time but even prusa slicer adds them to gcode so that should be no problem and it only contains numbers.
    If firmware would claim to support progress view it would send M531 with filename. But I do not think prusa sends that.

    Does the display vanish randomly or always at the same point? If it is the same point it would mean a gcode would cause this somehow. All the server does is just sending gcodes. No gcode should be able to do that with the display. Even wrong gcodes should not be able to. Anyhow, if we would know what causes it, it is easier to fix the problem - be it in firmware or server side not sending what makes problems. What makes me wonder is that of the over 100000 prusa printers only 2 so far have reported the problem. So it does not look like a general problem.

    Is there a firmware update you can install or are you on latest firmware already? Just in case it is a bug already fixed.
  • The display vanishes right after the purge line is printed and comes back right after the print finishes.  I can very faintly see it coming back for a split second then goes away again.

    I am on the latest Prusa firmware 3.7.2

    After I changed it to "do not send status" I re-printed the same file with the already uploaded gcode and the problem persisted.  I had enough for the night as it was getting late so I went to sleep.

    Started more testing this afternoon.  I shut down the pi and booted it back up.  sliced a new file, uploaded the gcode and it's printing right now.  So for in at 65% of a 1 hour 30 min print and the display is just fine.

    Very strange indeed.  I wish there was more info I could give to help find the root cause.  I understand it makes it harder to solve when there is no real evidence as to what's causing it.  Also since so few people are having the issue, that makes it even more difficult.

    Other than the LCD issue, the software is performing quite well.  Once I get my second printer built and up and running I plan to run them both from the same pi.  The main reason I am trying out this software.
  • After more digging, as with the other user having the same issue, it does seem to be when a negative time remaining is when the screen goes blank for the first 3 lines of text.  It's reproducible.

    Prusa slicer gcode doesn't have a negative time.  The gcode Prusa slicer puts in the gcode file M73 P98 R4 

    in the console when it's printing it shows this:

    16:21:56.124: N754601 M73 P98 R-6 Q98 S-6
    16:21:56.149: ok
    16:21:56.149: N754602 G1 E-0.04000 F2100.00000
    16:21:56.149: N754603 G1 Z9.600 F10800.000
    16:21:56.157: NORMAL MODE: Percent done: 98; print time remaining in mins: -6
    16:21:56.161: SILENT MODE: Percent done: 98; print time remaining in mins: -6

    I guess it's somehow re-calculating the time, but using a negative and not a positive.  I can make the screen re-appear by changing the speed to 99% and it comes back shows 10 min remaining then back to 100% and it momentarily shows the text at 6 min remaining then goes blank again.

    What's even more strange is that's it's only happening with repetier server and not printing from sd card or octoprint.

    Does repetier server do any gcode translating?

    My first print I noticed the issue with was just a 1 layer print so that's probably why it went blank right after the purge line.

    Hopefully this little bit of info can help you possibly identify the issue.
  • Thanks. That is very helpful. Will test it and modify server to never send negative values, also it is strange that this removes the line it is a solution I can do server side - at least for the times we send.

    Yes, we strip the contained M73 and send our computed times. Having both is confusing since time then jumps back and forth. And sometimes in recalculation the time passed gets bigger then pre computed, also this is normally not the case it happens. And then it can send negative values. Thanks.
  • Any update on a revised version of repetier server? I am ready to help test, if need be.
  • You can download a fixed version if you change version in download link to 0.92.0 but be aware that it is beta and will contain more bug fixes in final version. But that part should be fixed. Means it shows 0 seconds remaining instead of negative times. Still need to find where computation differ so the result in time is not the same.
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