Shutdown and Reboot

I just installed repetier server on an raspberry pi 3.  I installed raspbian first, then installed armhf variant.  Repetier server is working fine.  I am using the raspberry pi headless, no screen.  Is there a way to shutdown and reboot the raspberry pi within the repetier server web interface? I couldn't seem to locate those options in menus.


  • If you had installed our image (preferred way for pi) you would have the option.
    See manual advanced setup there is described how to write a extcommands.xml file that adds os commands like shutdown/reboot (that is the example:-) to the menu (gear top right).
  • I was going to install the image for pi but after a bunch of reading I saw that the armhf variant runs faster than the pi version.

    I was able to successfully add reboot and shutdown to the menu via the manual.  Thank you!
  • You can also reinstall hf version in our image. You still keep all the advantages like wifi/webcam setup.
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