Scaling Differently in z vs xy

Newbie here. I have a cylindrical object only available in .stl that I need to scale to a different diameter (xy) vs height (z). When I try to scale on loading, it shows scales for x,y, and z but does not allow me to edit them differently. In fact, it only allows entries into the x entry. I did some searching in Google and in the forum but cannot find out how to scale differently in different axes. Thanks for any assistance.


  • Scale on loading is to adjust to different units e.g. object is in inch and host needs mm so it scales all axes.

    What you need is to mark object after loading and select the scale button in right toolbar above object names. There you can scale or rotate by axis. Just unlock proportional scaling so you can enter all 3.
  • Scale Object SWith this function you can scale the marked object.

    If the lock is closed, all axes are changed simultaneously. If you click on the lock to unlock, you can adjust each axis separately and the object may be distorted. A click on “Scale to Maximum” enlarges the object so that it has the maximum printable size
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