Can you control the M3D ProMega with Repetier Server?


Does anyone know if it is possible to control the M3D Promega with Repetier Server and if it is, how to do it?




  • What firmware does it use?

    You can try the free version if you already have the printer.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    It says it uses Open Duet 3D printer control board, source electronics, firmware and software

  • Sounds like that means RepRapFirmware which is what comes from board developer. That is supported.
  • Great. So which ports etc sounds I use?
  • The one that appears if you connect the printer to computer. On linux use one starting with /dev/serial/by-id.
  • Hi - I am sorry - I am using Windows and just can't get it to work.  I have the IP address and RepRapFirmware selected but Repetier server on a Raspberry Pi can not connect.  Please can you help to explain how to find the port?
  • Please read reprapfirmware manual. You have to activate the port in configuration file as far as I remember, so it would stand there. You also must explicitly activate it.

    Tools like nmap can scan a ip for all ports, but if it is not the default telnet port 23 it is probably not activated in firmware config.
  • Thank you. I'll have a look.
  • Hi again - thank you very much!  I enabled ftp and it works now.  I appreciate your support.
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